How to recycle old sails?

Do you have any unwanted sails lurking in your garage or attic? Are they just gathering dust and taking up space? Not sure what to do with them! We upcycle old sails into beautiful new sailcloth home and lifestyle products.

old sails

Don’t let your last fond sailing memories be taking your loved sail to a landfill site, where it will be dug underground probably never to be broken down.  Sails are incredibly strong, durable and can withstand most things thrown at them.  Imagine what happens to them underground, probably not a lot is the answer!  Sails are made from a man made synthetic material which is ultimately why we use them, but they are not at all eco-friendly.

This is where we come in…we upcycle old sails! Bring your sail in to us or we can come collect your sail from you (if you’re not too far away!!). We can pay cash or alternatively, we can upcycle your loved sail making them a wonderful reminder of the fantastic memories they you have had with it. Be it a sailcloth bag or a large sailcloth cushion.

Whether you’re an individual, sailing club or sailmaker we would love to hear from you.

You can contact us directly at our workshop on 01392 877527 or email us at