Do we upcycle or recycle old sails?

What is the difference between Recycling and Upcycling?

Up-cycling is taking a product or waste material in its current state and turning it into something new and useful. Whereas with re-cycling you first need to break down or destroy the item then you make a new product from those broken down materials.

So for us when we upcycle sails that are have past their sail by date, and re purpose them into unique and useful everyday products.  We try to minimise waste, using off cuts for our smaller items like bunting or phone cases whilst reusing all the hard and soft wear attached to a sail.

What we reuse:

Piston Hanks – We clean and oil these beautiful brass fittings and use them in our dog leads and key rings.

Rope – Used for trimming or general sail control, this is perfect for bag handles being extremely strong and usually come in funky colours!

Sailcloth – Our main bread and butter, we use upcycle sails from all different eras from the 1950’s to the present day.  We love to use Laser dinghy sails or any sail that has a little something about it.  We utilise all the logos, sail numbers and even old repairs to make our bags unique.

Kevlar Sails – These super strong sails are amazing durable and pretty much water proof, we make bags and various other beautiful items from them.

Reefing points – On a sail these points are used to reduce the overall size of a sail, They are Used in our sailcloth bean bags and dog beds as “blow off” valves and in some of our sailcloth bags.

Tell tails – Is a piece of fabric or ribbon used as a guide whilst trimming a sail, these are recycled by us and used in all our products to add that nautical touch to our products.