How to wash sailcloth and care for it?

How to wash sailcloth and care for it?


  • How to wash sailcloth products? – We get asked this all the time when selling our sailcloth products.  Most of our sailcloth products can be put in a washing machine on a gentle 30 deg or cold wash cycle using a solution of Vanish on the stain first then a scoop in the wash.  If possible set the spin cycle to a minimum so not to cause damage to stitching or cause dacron transfers to lift.  Then leave to hang dry.
  • Storing sail cloth accessories – As with all fabric products, store in a dry place if your product gets wet hang dry.  Most of our items can be used on the beach if they get sandy or salty give them a wash with warm soapy water and always allow to dry naturally.
  • Mould or Mildew – This is very unlikely to happen, but if you leave something outside long enough this may happen.  Give the product a wash with warm soapy water or wash in a machine on a 30 deg gentle wash.
  • Stains – Most stains will wash off with soapy water and a stiff brush.

We think old sails are beautiful, and have taken a long time to get them looking like they do, but sometimes they just need a good wash!

Is it fireproof? – No, sail cloth is flammable so be careful NEVER to get it to close to a naked flame! We use flame retardant cushion pads in our cushions and fire retardant polystyrene beans inside a removable liner in our beanbags.

Is sail cloth waterproof? – Sail cloth is water resistant or splash proof but is not fully waterproof.

Are sails clean? – Every sail that we upcycle has been used in some way be it out in the ocean or just sailing around in the estuary. The history is documented by a sails markings these include a unique sail number, makers stamps and logos maybe some small marks.  We wash each sail first in a 90 deg hot wash using Vanish by also using a solution of oxalic acid we try and remove most rust or oil marks.

Sails and Canvas, Topsham Devon creating fantastic sail cloth bags and sailcloth accessories from recycled sails, that have past their sail by date but still perfect to handmake wonderful items from.  We can bespoke many sailcloth items such as sailcloth personalised suit cover personalised recycled sailcloth beanbags, personalised recycled sailcloth bags, upcycled personalised sailcloth cushions, recycled personalised sailcloth bottle bags, recycled personalised sailcloth bunting (perfect as wedding bunting or birthday bunting), sail cloth kit bags, sailcloth  upcycled beachbags, recycled sail cloth shopping bags, upcycled sailcloth dog bed  and we even make items from upcycled sail brass piston hanks  personalised christmas stockings and many more items.