Upcycled sailcloth is unique. Its marks and imperfections tell the tale of its former life on an ocean wave.  And now it has a new life as this beautiful handmade item. Sailed, Saved and Sewn for you with love from Devon.


Sailed –  We think old sails are beautiful, it can take a long time and many adventures to get them looking like they do. Whilst we do our best to remove any marks and imperfections picked up on the way, one or two still remain. We feel this adds to their beauty and makes them original.


Saved  – We try to use all of the sail…telltails, piston hanks, original sail numbers, class logo and insignias.  Sails are incredibly strong and durable but they are made from a synthetic man-made material which is not biodegradable.  Imagine what happens to them in a landfill, probably not a lot is the answer! So the more we upcycle, the less is dug into the ground…and if we can help to do our little bit, it makes us happy.


Sewn – We take pride in designing and hand-making each item in our sail loft studio on Topsham quay. 


Do you have any unwanted sails lurking in your garage or attic? Are they just gathering dust and taking up space? Not sure what to do with them! We buy and upcycle old sails into beautiful new sailcloth products.


If you find yourself in Devon, come and say hello.


Upcycling is taking a product or waste material in its current state and turning it into something new and useful.

Is sailcloth waterproof?

Sail cloth is water resistant or splash proof but is not fully waterproof.

Is sailcloth fireproof?

No, sail cloth is flammable so be careful NEVER to get it to close to a naked flame! We use flame retardant cushion pads in our cushions.

Is upcycled sailcloth clean?

Every sail that we upcycle has been used in some way be it out in the ocean or just sailing around in the estuary. We wash each sail first but not all marks and imperfections will be removed…we feel this is what gives each of our products its individuality.

How to wash sailcloth products?

Our products prefer to be handwashed, however, they can be put  in a washing machine on a gentle or cold wash cycle.  If possible set the spin cycle to a minimum so not to cause damage to stitching or cause polyester insignia cloth to lift.  Then leave to hang dry.

Storing sail cloth accessories – As with all fabric products, store in a dry place if your product gets wet hang dry.  Most of our items can be used on the beach if they get sandy or salty give them a wash with warm soapy water and always allow to dry naturally.

Mould or Mildew – This is very unlikely to happen, but if you leave something outside long enough this may happen.  Give the product a wash with warm soapy water or wash in a machine on a gentle or cold wash.
Stains – Most stains will wash off with soapy water and a stiff brush.


Do we buy old sails?

Yes, though sometimes they are given to us for free!  Please get in touch if you have an old sail you want to pass on to us.