It’s that time of year…The Christmas craziness is over, the turkey’s just about finished and it’s been a diet of leftovers and cheese for days…. its officially Chrimbo Limbo or Twixmas. And it’s an opportunity to look back at what’s happened during the last 12 months….

January, busier than we expected

February, brrrrrr, the marquee heater isn’t really having much effect as the wind whistles through our canvas tent door!!

March, so is this going to be our quiet time of year?…at least it gives us a chance to re-stock ready for Spring.

April, Darts Farm welcomed us on board, a relationship that has continued to grow during the year, their ethos of supporting local businesses has benefitted Sails and Canvas and we have enjoyed working with the team

May, two words…County Show, OMG hard work but with great results, it certainly helped put us in people’s minds and on the map, we had lots of visitors at the sail loft from people who’d seen us there.

June, a fair on Cathedral Green gave up a chance for a pop up in Exeter City centre and we celebrated our first year in business.

Cathedral Green

July, starting to look at designs for new bags and finding a supplier for leather!

August, holiday time and the sail loft was busy with Topsham tourists, beach bags ahoy!

September, the Autumn/Winter range is getting underway, inspired by a supply of orange, red and blue sails from Exmouth Sea Cadets

October, The shops at Dartington agreed to take some of our Sails and Canvas products for their various outlets, it’s great to be associated with such a quality destination.

November, you were only supposed to blow the bloody doors off! Sorry don’t know why that quote popped into my head, must have been the excitement of finally being warm at the sail loft…thanks to the very talented Ben, we now have a double glazed shop front and a door!!! and all in time for our open evening – it was so lovely to be able to invite friends who also have small local businesses to join us on 30th November. It became a collective of talent! With Rear Pear’s beautiful leather bags and purses, Lara’s handmade lavender eye masks, the recycled candle company (speaks for itself!), Anthi Kay ceramics, Caroline’s Wallpaper boats and Angies Ganzys and of course our Sails and Canvas collection – it was a great evening with around 100 people coming to say hi and get a bit of Christmas shopping done (and enjoying a mince pie and glass of wine, or two 🙂

December, busy busy busy…we could have given the elves a run for their money this month! We really hope there were happy faces when people opened their Sails and Canvas goodies on Christmas Day.

As for 2017, we’ve been accepted by Amazon Handmade, yay and yikes!! This could be the start of something really big :))) watch this space….and have a very Happy New Year