Limited Originals – Fruit Salad Flight Bag



Our Limited Originals collection features original numbers, letters, insignias and nautical shapes that have been cut from the mainsail.  They are one-of-a-kind vintage sail markings and are unique and irreplaceable. Some vintage markings are popular like those of the laser dinghy with its distinctive red and black numbers and red starburst insignia, where some others are so rare and unusual, that we may only ever see one of its kind in our workshop. And just sometimes we have coloured sails for those who are looking for something completely different from their recycled sail bag!

Because each sail is individually cut and handcrafted into the finished product, every bag in our Limited Originals collection is unique and irreplaceable. New bags are added whenever we come across these wonderful sails and there’s only one of each!

Fruit Salad Flight Bag

With all the qualities of our classic flight bag, our Fruit Salad limited original is a lovely mix up of pink, orange and yellow  – yellow ends, white zip and clean white finishes this sweet treat. 

Size – 55cm x 23cm x 23cm


Handcrafted from recycled sail cloth

  • Strong and Durable material
  • Machine Washable
  • Light Weight
  • Perfect size as a carry on for a aircraft overhead locker
  • Branded with our beautiful logo and made in Devon, UK


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