Original Sailcloth Deckchairs



Original Sailcloth Deckchairs

Our original sailcloth deckchairs are made from upcycled Laser sails and feature either red & black sail numbers or the red Laser starburst insignia…numbers will vary according to the sail that they came from, that’s what makes these Originals!  Fabulous for the British summer, on the beach, camping or in the garden.

Upcycling, what a wonderful idea…Buying our beautiful handmade sailcloth deckchairs means less sailcloth ends up in the ground and you can feel happy that as well as owning an original item you are helping to save the planet.



  • Handmade from upcycled sailcloth
  • Quick drying
  • Strong and Durable material
  • Branded with our beautiful logo and made in Devon, UK
  • FSC certified wood frame


Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Original Sailcloth

Red & Black Letters, Red Starburst


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