Frequently Asked Questions

Got a knotty question about the recycled sail cloth we use to make Sails and Canvas products? Looking for some help with your order? Just click on one of the sections below to find the answer…

If you still can’t find the answer you’re looking for, please drop us an email at [email protected].

Do Sails and Canvas buy old sails?

We like to trade a sail rather than buy them – one of our lovely Sails and Canvas products in exchange for your sails. Or if you prefer not to exchange we are happy to donate a suitable sum to the RNLI instead. Read more on our recycle page.

Can I wash my sail cloth product?

Our products prefer to be hand washed, however, they can be put  in a washing machine on a gentle or cold wash cycle.  If possible set the spin cycle to a minimum so not to cause damage to stitching or cause polyester insignia cloth to lift. Then leave to hang dry naturally.

How should I store my sail cloth accessories?

As with all fabric products, store in a dry place once dry.

Will my sail cloth product develop mould or mildew?

This is very unlikely, but if you leave something outside long enough it may happen. Give the product a wash with warm soapy water or wash in a machine on a gentle or cold wash.

How do I treat stains on my sail cloth product?

Most stains will wash off with soapy water and a stiff brush – you can spot clean with vanish or washing up liquid and then machine wash on a gentle programme.

Is recycled sail cloth clean?

Every sail that we recycle has been out in the ocean or sailing around inland waters. We wash each sail first but not all marks and imperfections will be removed… we feel this is what gives each of our products its character and individuality.

Is sail cloth waterproof?

Sail cloth is water resistant or splash proof but is not fully waterproof. However it is very quick drying!

How quickly will my order arrive?

All our beautiful Sails and Canvas products are hand crafted to order which does take us some time.  We hope to make your items and have them ready for shipping within 5-7 days (Royal Mail 2nd Class is standard). If you need something urgently or have that last minute present panic, we can usually work something out if you send us an email.