Why Recycle ?

Sails are incredibly strong, durable and are made to withstand the forces of nature. But they are no longer made of natural materials, man-made Dacron and performance sails are not bio-degradable and if they end up in landfill will probably stay in their current state for many years to come.

This is an unhappy end for a sail that has lived a life of adventure on the ocean wave and an unhappy story for the planet. 

Recycling your sail with us gives it a new life as one of our beautiful handcrafted products and spreads smiles all round.

Be part of our Eco Circle – Sailed, Saved, Sewn

From boat to bag, we take old sails on a journey that never ends…we call it our eco circle.

If you have old sails, you can be part of this circle – for every usable sail you donate we will trade you a bag. For small sails, a bottle bag..for larger sails, a storage bucket…and if you don’t want a bag we will make a donation to RNLI on your behalf.

Bring your sail in to us or we can arrange collection. 

Whether you’re an individual, sailing club or sailmaker we would love to hear from you.

You can contact us by email us at [email protected]

How it Works

Trading your sail couldn’t be easier

  1. Send us an email [email protected] with details of your sail.
  2. We’ll arrange to pick up your sail (if you are not too far away!) or pay to have it shipped to us. Or you can drop it off at our sail loft…if you or your family or friends are heading to the glorious South West, we are a very short drive from M5 Junction 30.
  3. Once we have received your sail, we evaluate it’s condition and make you a trade and will even make your bottle bag or storage bucket from the sail you donated so your happy memories can live on in your new Sails and Canvas product.

If you would prefer not to have a bag we will happily make a donation on your behalf to RNLI.


Every sail we recycle means less sailcloth ends its life in landfill and that has to be a good thing for everyone. 

do you live in cornwall?

Take advantage of a Sails and Canvas joint initiative with Clean Sailors and SKB Sails Falmouth

SKB are providing a sail recycling collection point at their sail loft in Penryn – They store the old sails for us to collect at the end of each season.

Recycling Network South West launched in May 2021…read more here!

recycle your sails here!