Old Fabric – New Bag

old fabric - new bag

TUI FlyJournal Spring Edition

Take a look inside the Spring Edition of TUI’s in flight magazine – The theme for this season’s product page is “upcycling” so we were excited to be contacted by the TUI magazine Art Editor who wanted to feature a Sails and Canvas product on the page.

Our Limited Originals series had caught her eye and in particular the retro rainbow flight bag.

The Sails and Canvas recycled sailcloth flight bag sits among a selection of upcycled products from across Europe – Swiss Freitag Backpacks manufactured from used truck tarpaulin – UK Wyatt & Jacks Triangular Pouches made from old bouncy castles, beach inflatables and salvaged deckchairs – Polish Ushirika, who sell bags made by a fairtrade co-operative based in Nairobi Kenya – German Upcycling Deluxe who reuse old cement sacks for their bags – Dutch based Handed By sell shopping bags which are hand woven by craftsmen in Vietnam and China using recycled plastic strips.

It’s good to see a pan-European collection of companies leading the way in the 3 R’s…Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

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