What a gift for Father's Day!


Recently Dan got in touch to find out if we could recycle a very special windsurf sail…he had come to the right place! One of the things we enjoy at Sails and Canvas is knowing the story of a sail – whether it’s been hidden away in a dusty loft for may years or just come off a boat, we love the idea of giving that sail a new life!

“It was one of my late grandpa’s windsurf sails and his antics out on the water spawned a love of sailing for my Dad and I” Dan told us, “so it holds a lot of sentimental value. Hence why I wanted to do something special with it, and surprise Dad on Father’s Day (and have a bag for me!).”It’s a great sail, and so colourful, making most modern ones look relatively bland!” – We totally agree!

The flight bags we have made for Dan and his Dad look amazing, using the sweet parts of the windsurf sail in the design. There was even enough left over for a small doorstop for their beach hut!

flight bags recycled from vintage windsurf sails

Never think that a sail’s adventures end when they are taken off the boat…at Sails and Canvas all our bags have a tale to tell!

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