Clean Sailors

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Clean Sailors, for cleaner seas

Holly, as leader and founder of Clean Sailors has a mission..setting the new standard of sailing and sailor, mobilising our global sailing community in conservation of our oceans. The aim is clear, to encourage sailors to look after the seas they sail and love.


Clean Sailors is a not for profit organisation, sharing knowledge and best practice ideas, supporting sea conservation organisations, campaigning for positive change and selling ethically sourced products to help raise funds. 100% of profits are donated to ocean conservation projects.

The website has tips on how to sail clean, being mindful of products that are filling the ocean with rubbish and toxins and giving tips on how to avoid further pollution while still enjoying sailing.

We, Clean Sailors

…Take great care to limit our impact on the ocean and all marine life

We use eco-friendly, low-tox products as far as we can

We reuse, we recycle, we upcycle

And nothing goes overboard

We only take what we need

And leave no trace of where we’ve been

We spread the word and encourage others in the same

On land, as at sea

We love the ocean

So we sail clean

We are Clean Sailors

We are proud to support Clean Sailors, with sails so close to our hearts and the future of the planet in our minds.

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