Ecopunk – for the conscious consumer

eco punk washbag

Melanie Barker, curator of Ecopunk looks for quality over quantity when selecting items for her online store for the conscious consumer.

I have chosen to stock a small but carefully and thoughtfully curated selection of products and gifts for the conscious consumer. Therefore, I choose products/brands based on their environmental and ethical qualities and/or impact. Being a conscious consumer means being aware of, and assessing the impacts of our buying and spending choices. By thinking carefully about the products and services that we consume, we can start to create a different world – a world that considers the impact of our actions on the planet and all that live there.

Melanie Barker
washbag collection beach huts

Melanie picked out our recycled sail cloth star wash bags to add to her collection and has a number of them filled with her zero waste toiletry kit…a perfect gift that doesn’t cost the Earth


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