The Great Big Green Week – Princess Hay Sustainability Event

the great big green week - princess hay sustainability event

18 – 26 SEPTEMBER 2021

Communities across the country are joining together for the Great Big Green Week. It will be the biggest event for climate and nature ever in the UK, and everyone’s invited! Find an event near you on the Great Big Green Week website…Sails and Canvas will be at Princesshay in Exeter, read on to find out more!

Princesshay Sustainability Event – 24th & 25th September

the great big green week - princess hay sustainability event

Exeter’s biggest shopping centre, Princesshay, is hosting their We Can Do More sustainability event, on Friday 24th and Saturday 25th September as part of The Great Big Green Week

The event will see valued city partners and organisations coming together to showcase, engage and inform visitors to Princesshay of their environmentally conscious services and projects. They will also provide visitors with opportunities to make small, sustainable changes, which will make a difference to the future of our planet, along with FREE workshops, craft activities, giveaways, competitions and more.

You can find Sails and Canvas in Princesshay Square, where we will be showing off our newest collaboration – a stunning range of recycled bags made from advertising and promotional banners that have used by Princesshay shopping centre over the past few years.

We will also have a range of our recycled sailcloth goodies and hope in our own small way, that we help make people think about reusing resources. Read more about how Princesshay is helping meet Exeter’s #NetZero 2030 goal! We Can Do More

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