Seed The Change – The Big Give 2024

seed the change - the big give 2024

The Ocean Conservation Trust is taking part this year in the Big Give Green Match Fund campaign from the 18th-25th April to raise funds for the BLUE MEADOWS programme.

The Trust is working hard to protect, regenerate and restore seagrass at scale through an ambitious Blue Meadows programme. Seagrass is a vital habitat, important for carbon storage, oxygen generation and it provides a home for millions of fish and invertebrates.

The goals of the programme are ambitious, because that’s what the Ocean needs.

Over the next 5 years, The Ocean Conservation Trust is aiming to protect 10% of all UK seagrass meadows, as well as develop a blueprint to restore seagrass at scale. They will do this by identifying existing meadows, using marker buoys and alternative moorings to highlight the sensitive seagrass and prevent damage to it. Whilst also engaging with local communities and stakeholders to raise awareness of the importance of seagrass.

The restoration work relies on harvesting seeds and growing them in our facilities until they are strong enough to be replanted, whilst also driving innovative research into new restoration methods. Skilled and passionate dive teams monitor all of the protection, regeneration and restoration work, so the Trust can assess the impact it’s having.

By taking part in the Big Give Green Match Fund, every donation made during the 18th-25th April will be DOUBLED for the Blue Meadows programme. Please only donate through the official Big Give webpage or via The Ocean Conservation website linked to the button below:

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