Wet February

wet february

Wet February – thank heavens we’ve got that door!

  Dry January is officially over, we beat the bluest Monday, toasted the haggis and have made it beyond pay day…is this the start of wet February then (in more ways than the miserable rain)?   Actually January had a “wet” blip – we managed to get out for our S&C Christmas party, better late than never..for those who haven’t yet been, we thoroughly recommend the Namaste Himalaya restaurant in Exmouth namastehimalayaexmouth.co.uk for delicious nepalese food and a couple of cocktails in Oddfellows before hand just for good measure. namaste But less of the social chat and back to business…during the crazy Christmas present buying frenzy (love it) we had quite a few requests for laptops and iPad cases, inspired by the already popular document wallets…which got us thinking.  So we have been trying out various different designs. And having discovered that an iPad reacts to touch through the clear material we use in our porthole pocket shoppers, we are well on our way to adding a new range to our collection – we will keep you posted!   We have also introduced a number of limited edition colours in the flight bag range, a really striking coral and rich royal blue – the flight bag, as well as being the perfect size for a cabin carry on, is great for the gym and generally a all-round good egg kinda bag if you know what I mean…have a look on our website and grab one of these beauties before they sell out. coral bags Btw, the pinch punch first of the month thing (for those of you who follow our fabulous social media 😉 had an interesting response on one of the websites I read, originating from the West Country…apparently the reply down these parts is “A flick and a kick for being too quick”…will have to remember that when we’re out and about in Topsham when the 1st of March rolls around!   So hurrah for February, the nights are pulling out and a 12th of the year is already done…and there’s pancakes to look forward to 🙂

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